We use our data management and analytics capabilities to help Public Health research institutes to digitise and enhance their programmes.

DocTime’s mission is to improve the wellbeing of the populations that we serve. Improving access and quality of care is at the centre of everything we do. We are inspired by working with the doctors and scientists who are leading public health research, and DocTime aims to make a difference to their work.

Capability Building

By providing data management, analysis and visualisation tools to medical research programmes, we aim to significantly improve the opportunity for new insights.

Trusted Partner

Patient data is critical to any public health decision making, but we recognise the responsibility we have to keep it safe. We are committed to protecting the privacy of patients’ information, so we strive to maintain the highest levels of data handling, governance and information security.


We believe that the most valuable ideas can happen when people with diverse expertise and experience join together and collaborate.

Our touch Points

We work to provide a set of digital data tools that can be used by researchers and scientists, community health workers, pharmacists, government, and doctors.

DocTime can provide digital solutions that both collect and disseminate information:

Gather data from health measurements, lifestyle data, or environmental for analysis

Push data-driven guidance and tools towards patients and caregivers - for example, screening/ referral/ treatment frameworks, behavioural and prevention guidelines, consultation follow-ups, automated medicine reminders

Our main initiatives

Control of hypertension and diabetes

Control of cardiovascular and respiratory health

Our Research Partner

Initiatives for Non Communicable Diseases, Health System and Population Studies Division, icddr,b

Our Research Partner